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Why Sardinia is the ideal retreat hub
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Why Sardinia is the ideal Retreat Hub

Coming back to naturalness. Real life. This is what Sardinia is all about!

Sardinia Escapes. Beach cave in Sardinia.

Right in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sardinia is an open-air museum and laboratory with 500,000 years of history. The island attracts archeologists and anthropologists from all over the world as well as scientists, who have studied the combination of healthy diet, active lifestyle, strong community values and bonds that may help Sardinians to fend off disease and live longer. There are about 24 centenarians for every 10,000 people in Sardinia and the possible existence of a ‘longevity gene’ is currently being researched.

While Sardinian centenarians are contributing to unveil the secrets of longevity, the average quality of life of Sardinian people ranks high in terms of health, environmental conditions, security and social relations indicators, which go beyond traditional GDP measurements.

We are not interested in statistics, though. We are interested in what words like health, environment, security, relations really mean to people in our contemporary world: being sound in body, mind, spirit and rich in personal and social resources, being in deep connection with nature (and not just respect and protect it), being able to create an environment around us which make us feel safe but which is also able to challenge us and make us grow as individuals and communities.

Rather then to seek a recipe for longevity, we would like to help people to have a richer life in their present time. We believe that feeding our creative confidence, daring to trust our own intuitions and ability to experiment and create, enjoying the pleasure of being amazed by what is around us are the foundations of well-being.

Sardinia will tickle your curiosity every day and this is what makes it such a special, inspiring place! We love it because its history, culture and art, as well as its superb natural environments, is a constant source of amazement.

We don't want you to escape your daily life. We are sure this is not what unplugging means to you, as it means to us. We want to welcome you home, where you can just be yourself, enjoy what really matters in your life and the pleasure of discovering the unexpected around you.

Among the most amazing things that you will discover about Sardinia, there is an extraordinary archeological heritage, which boasts 7000 megalithic prehistoric constructions (known as “nuraghi”), as well as several other historical treasures such as the Giants of Monte Prama (a group of statues of archers, wrestlers and boxers carved in sandstone probably between the ninth and eight centuries BC, before Rome was even founded!).

Domus de Janas, which means “fairies’ houses” or “witches’ houses” in Sardinian language, are among the other fascinating evidences of Sardinian prehistory which you will discover. Shrouded in mystery and mythology, the dwellings of spiteful little fairy women according to Sardinian folk tradition, these rock-cut tombs are located throughout the island, from South to North (There are around 2000 Janas in Sardinia!). Their interiors are decorated in red and black spirals, which might symbolize the eyes or the breast of the Mother Goddness.

These beautiful decorations and their mysterious meanings have inspired us in shaping our identity as well as designing our logotype.

Spirals are a common shape found in nature, which permeates inorganic as well as organic natural formations, including the human body (think of the DNA double helix or just look at your fingertip, where you would make a fingerprint, what do you see?).

This is probably the reason why they are some of the oldest geometric shapes used in ancient artwork all around the world. They are often associated with cyclic processes (nature, time, life), fertility, change, growth, rebirth but also of warmth and energy as a solar symbol.

They are so common in nature because they follow the law of parsimony – the scientific principle which suggests not to do with more what can be done with less. The spiral’s symbolism and practicality lies at the core of many human inventions and continues to provide inspiration to contemporary creative thinking, encouraging connection and the development of empathy among individuals and communities.

This all resonates so much with Sardinian landscape and culture and with the lifestyle of Sardinian people, which is slow and dynamic at the same time. It is indeed a symbol of our approach to life and the best we have to offer.

Sardinian food and traditional cuisine is also part of the authentic living experience you are going to sample. You will learn how to eat healthier, with moderation but always with extreme pleasure, and you will be amazed to rediscover what “real food” looks and tastes like.

Sardinian home-made real food. Photo by Sardinia Escapes.
Home-made pastries. Photo by Sardinia Escapes
Fresh local fruit. Photo by Sardinia Escapes.
We have kept it at the end because it would have been far too easy to amaze you with this... but of course you need to know that the island features 1897 kilometers of beautiful coastline! Not mentioning its rich and varied inland, with dramatic peaks looking down on endless expanses of Mediterranean bush and ancient cork forests.

With its variety of natural environments and its blessed sunny climate, Sardinia is ideal for any kind of outdoor activity, which will add a bit of adventure to your retreats in the island (just choose among hiking, nordic walking, archeo trekking, climbing, MTB, cycling, sailing, diving, snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, canyoning, kayaking, horse riding, bird watching… and much more).


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